Understanding @property in python

@property what is it and how does it help” is what I will be exploring in this blog.

OOP’s best practices say to always use getters and setters. I will explain the reason for this in a bit.

Docker automatic image build with raspberry pi

It was more than a week, that I had a raspberry pi and did nothing with it (Other than the initial setup). I was looking to do something with it. Then I decided to write a bot that will build docker images and push it to docker registry.

Dabbling with Rust

I liked rust when I tried it last year around May. I also did some contributions to cargo which is the package manager for Rust. I wanted to do something in rust, something small to do over in the weekend. I finally decided to mimic unix’s ls (List files). So the program will just print the details of the files and directories with the path, size and modified time. Also display the total block size.

What if you lose your data

You have been working day in and day out. All your important documents are there in your hard disk. For most of us, ctrl + s (Save) is enough to save us from the trouble of having to deal with the loss of data. That’s bad, because you can still get into trouble. You might ask how, then picture this, what if your hard disk gets corrupted ? What if you delete your files accidently ? What if you lose your laptop.