A little about myself

I am a self taught programmer. It started out as a journey to explore the world of computers, the digital world. I started off with the fundamentals. I can say that my entire learning was a fruit of all the questions I’ve asked myself. Questions, Like how internet works ? I started programming just to answer this question “How does a c program make a computer do some work?”.

Functional programming in python

Python offers some good functions to the developers to write functional like code. But their use is not recommended as it reduces code readability. They may come handy in some places though. This is an example program showing the use of functional concepts in python.

Migrating to hugo

Migrating to hugo based blog. I am super exited to be using hugo, for my blog. The reason I had to quit tumblr was due to missing syntax highlighting support. Moreover hugo is open source and that itself is a great motivation for me to try it out. I will be moving all my blogs to hugo, over the coming weeks.

How it all began with devlog

Our imagination is a fantastic machine, which throws at us amazing idea’s. But our educated mind, discards it obviously (It’s not practical it says). The best thing to do is, to write down that idea as soon as it comes out, otherwise the evil mind will wipe it off. Next question, where do i write it ? Almost all the existing platforms are online, but i don’t want this idea to be visible to the public (Not yet !). This is something that is very close to us and it should stay that way for sometime, before making a public debut. The crazy internet world. No matter, which website we land on, it asks us to login. There are some sites where it is not necessary, but we definitely get the idea behind all of this. Can we trust these sites ? So the platform should not be an online one. An online platform is not all needed, for this purpose.