I was always skeptical of AI technology. But in the last few months, I have started embracing it, especially after using a few AI products.

The first product I tried was Github CoPilot. My initial impression was not great. I discarded most of the code suggestions it gave. I decided to give it a try for one more month and see how it performs before making up my mind.

I started working on SideBrain at the same time. This allowed me to test CoPilot in it's entirety. I observed 2 things it was good at.

  1. Smart code completion
  2. Code suggestion

Smart code completion
CoPilot suggests code based on previous usages in my code base. Like adding console.log statements in a specific format.

Code suggestion
CoPilot suggests code based on a comment that I add. Like "Make a POST api call to ChatGPT completions API" or to come up with a "regex to validate email". These suggestions are generic and doesn't contain much of custom logic.

It definitely shined at these 2 cases. I used it for a month with SideBrain's development, and it helped me get more stuff done. After seeing the benefits, I decided to buy the subscription.

The 2nd AI product I tried was ChatGPT. It's not 100% accurate and doesn't provide the best answer all the time. But it does well most of the times. You will spend some time fine tuning prompts, but it's well worth it. I use it to help me with my writing, rewriting tweets, generate title for my blog post etc.

It also helped me find solutions to problems I was facing with a library that I was using for SideBrain. It saves time, by telling you what to do. If I had to search on Google, I would have had to find the right website first, then go through the content and figure out the solution for my problem. This takes time and effort.

Neither of these apps initially convinced me, however, as I used them, I was blown away by all the things they can do. Are these apps perfect? No they are not. But, they significantly increased my productivity, and I am going to continue using them.


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Please share your feedback with me if you use it.