Awesome collection of technology podcasts, videos and articles

Here’s a list of awesome articles, podcasts and youtube talks.


Functional Geekery - Eric Smith

OOP was developed on false assumptions.

New beginner’s to programming should not start with imperative programming.

Functional Geekery - Johnyy Winn

Tweet, blog about what you do.

The best way to learn a new language (Not a 1st one) is to rewrite a library you have known in a different language in the new language.


Programming and human factors - Jeff Atwood

Has a huge collection of posts focussing on the usability side of softwares and talks about people. Jeff Atwood is the cofounder of StackOverflow and Discourse

Brain food for hackers - Gustavo Duarte

An excellent systems/hardware blog. If you are a kernel hacker or just curious about internal workings, you will love this blog.

Very detailed, low level explanation with illustrations.

Brendan Gregg - Senior performance architect

He is one of the leading experts on DTrace and author of books on DTrace and systems performance. Checkout his blog posts on Linux performance.

Paul Graham - Cofounder of YCombinator

Known for his work on Lisp and for co-founding Y Combinator seed capital firm. Good collection of articles, mostly on startups.

Articles, papers and books

Peter landin - The next 700 programming languages

Mentioned by Eric Smith in Functional Geekery podcast.

How to design programs

Mentioned by Eric Smith in Functional Geekery podcast.

John Backus - Can programming be liberated from the Von Neumann Style

Peter Norvig - Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years

In this article, Peter Norvig talks about, why everyone is in such a rush ? and how 10 years can help to become a great programmer.

Eric S Raymond - How to become a hacker

This is an excellent book, which clarifies the meaning of the word ‘Hacker’ and how you can become one.

Alan J.Perlis - Epigrams on programming


Philip Roberts - What the heck is event loop

Must watch video if you are a js dev.

Linus Torvalds - GIT version control system

In this video Linus explains the motivation behind GIT and how it is different from existing systems.