Greenkeeper, meet the dependency genie

Meet greenkeeper, the app that automates dependency updates and notifies you of build failures so you can spend your development time actually making things.

So, what exactly is greenkeeper ?

If you have worked on any node.js project, then you probably know how painful it is, to manage all the dependencies. This is the problem that greenkeeper is trying to address.

Getting started

Setting up greenkeeper is very simple. Just a few commands and clicks, and you are good to go.

$ npm install -g greenkeeper

$ greenkeeper login


This will open a browser and asks you to log in to GitHub. By the way, that’s a cool logo.


Once you authorize the application, you will get the successful message in terminal.


$ greenkeeper enable

This will read all your repositories and enables the applications which are supported by it.

That’s it. It’s easy right. Just 3 steps and we are all set.

Let the magic begin

After you have done the setup, sit back and wait for the PR from greenkeeper.

The PR looks like this.

pull request

You can review the PR and take the necessary action. The awesome thing is if you are using travis-ci, then the PR is run on it, so you can know if it breaks anything. Cool right.

It really helps developers in managing their dependencies. This is a must if you are developing node.js apps. They have both free and paid plans. Pay a visit to their site to know more.