Kerala trip

In this post, I am going to write about my experience biking through kerala. I went on this trip with my brother and my sister in law on 2 bikes Fz-FI (Mine) and RE Himalayan (My brother’s). We started the trip on 24-Dec-2017. Firstly we were going to Munnar in kerala. It was a 9 day trip (Including the travel.)

These were the places we visited. Munnar Cochin Allepey Trivandram Poovar and Kanyakumari

We started from Bangalore at around 5.30 AM in the morning. We had around 480 kms ahead of us and the last 70 kms in the ghat section, so we had some serious riding to do. It was cold in the morning, but that didn’t stop us, as we were wearing proper gear (Jacket and gloves). We had our first stop near krishnagiri, to use the washroom. The next stop was for breakfast around 9.30 AM. By this time we had just crossed salem. We had the usual south indian breakfast. We started again at 10.30. We were munching all the kilometers ahead of us.

We were welcomed by the view of windmills churning out clean power at Udumalpet.


We stopped for fuel after crossing Udumalpet. As we were closing towards western ghats, reassuring by the view of silhouette of the ghats. Sadly, I didn’t get a picture. We crossed Tamil Nadu border and entered Kerala at around 2.30. We rode through Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. But we did not spot any wildlife. We encountered heavy traffic in the last 60 kms, I guess as it was holiday season. We reached our resort at 5.30 in the evening. It took a lot of time for us to find our way to the resort from Munnar city. Google maps misled us, and somehow we managed to find it.

The resort was located in a remote location far from the main city and it was on a hill. The road was very small and broken mostly. The rooms were amazing and took all the stress away from the travel. We ordered some snacks to eat, as we were very hungry. We did not stop for lunch either, as we were expecting to reach around 3. The resort had some board games. We took snake and ladders game and had great fun playing it. We dozed off early, as we were all tired of the 12 hour journey.

View from the resort at munnar. munnar hotel view

The next day we went around for site seeing. Honestly there were not many places to hang. Mostly tea plantations. We couldn’t explore much, thanks to heavy traffic. We came back in the noon and spent the day in the resort.

On 26th morning, we had breakfast and started our ride to Cochin. We started around 8.30 AM. The ride was fantastic, curvy roads all the way till cochin. Temperature soared by the time we reached. We reached our hotel around 1PM. We had lunch at the hotel itself. We tried out kerala meals. It was good. We took a small nap afterwards. After an hour of sleep we got ready and went out to Fort Kochi. Then we decided to go to cherai beach. It was some 20 kms away from Kochi. By the time we reached, it was already 7 PM. Hence, we couldn’t see anything. We came back to the hotel disappointed.

fort kochi

Next day, we started for Allepey. The drive was very pleasant. We reached the hotel at 11.30. We reached early, so we dropped our bags at the reception and went for boating at Finishing point. We rented a Shikara boat for 2 hours. Boating in backwaters was awe-inspiring. We stopped for fresh coconut water in between. After enjoying an awesome boat ride, we returned to the hotel for lunch. We napped after that. In the evening we went to the beach.


The sunset here (Allepey beach) was amazing. allepey sunset

The next day, we began our journey to Trivandrum. We decided to go via Varkala (As suggested by my colleague). The route was great, with the Arabian sea on one side and backwaters appearing very often on the other side. The beach was gold coloured as you can see below.


Then all of a sudden we came across a ship stuck in the shore. It looked like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean. The view was surreal. Having witnessed what we have never seen in our lives before, we went ahead. We couldn’t stop at varkala beach, as we had bags on our bikes, and we couldn’t leave them unattended. So we went to Trivandrum directly.


Here we went to planetorium. This one was lot different than the ones I saw in my childhood. The experience took us on an amazing rocket rider I would say. We went to the beach afterwards to watch the sunset.

Then we started our drive to poovar the next day morning (29th dec). We stayed at a fantastic resort.

poovar resort

Sunset at poovar. It was kind of a private beach.

poovar sunset

Fishermen going out to the sea in the evening

poovar fishermen

That’s it for that day. The next day morning we went to Kovalam beach to see the sunrise.

kovalam sunrise

After watching the sunrise we headed back to the resort to freshen up and have breakfast. Having done our breakfast, we headed for poovar backwater boating. We got to witness mangrooves on the way. And we saw this.

calm waters

I was awe-struck at this view, as the waters were so calming and desert like clean sand.

This pictures captures the majestic arabian sea and the calm backwaters in a single frame. ocean backwaters

Completely mesmerised by what we saw, we headed back to have lunch and get some sleep.

The next day we started for kanyakumari, the last place in our trip. Drive to kanyakumari was short.

First we decided to go to Thiruvalluvar statue and Vivekananda memorial. It was damn hot that day. Vivekanada memorial was special for me, as I like his teachings a lot.

Thiruvalluvar statue at the southern most tip of India. thiruvalluvar statue

Here all the three water bodies meet Indian ocean, Bay of bengal and Arabian sea.

Sea (Think it is Arabian sea) joining the Indian ocean. ocean sea

Then we set on to have a proper south Indian lunch. I was literaly dying to have south indian meals(Tamil Nadu style). Got fed up of all the food I had in Kerala. I am not saying that it was bad, I missed home food. We finally found a place and had good lunch. It was difficult to find lunch meals here. We went back to the room and took a nap for sometime. Then we went to see the sunset. We went back to the hotel and had dinner and slept.

kanyakumari sunset

Next day we woke up early to view the sunrise. It was a pleasant experience.

Fisherman going into the sea in the morning. kanyakumari fisherman

We had breakfast and started our drive back to Bangalore. We reached around 7.30 taking us 11 hours to reach. We had stopped at salem CCD to have lunch (kind of). This was the longest drive I did on my bike (670 kms).

Needless to say it was one heck of a ride, filled with constant discovery. One thing long drive’s do to you is, they free you from all the distractions. No meddling with your phones, no chit chat with anyone. Just you and your thoughts. Perfect time to have a one with one with yourself. Finally, some time where you can confront yourself.

This trip gave me a new perspective on how I view the world, I got to see the other side of people, where they are not as busy as they are in the cities hustling through the traffic. I understood that life feels good when there is no sense of urgency unlike in the cities. Life is better appreciated this way. Nothing is greater than life itself. Our thoughts do fool us, by making themselves bigger, but down the line somewhere we do realize the truth.

Route we took to Munnar from Bangalore.

Route from kanyakumari to Bangalore.