Why you should love your job

Work takes up a significant part of our lives. So shouldn’t we be loving our job ?

I would start this post by quoting Vivekananda

Any fool can do what he loves, but only great men can love anything they work on.

We all need some kind of a job to feed ourselves and our closed one’s. So we find a job that we don’t love, but we take it. This leads to a highly unsatisfied life. You are not only affecting your life, but you are affecting other’s life too. You can try to find what you really love and go work on it. This is relatively easy, something that is widely believed in the western world. Most of the inspirational talks I’ve seen, speak about following your passion etc etc.

This is where Indian spirituality shines. The spiritual giants have said love your work, it doesn’t matter whether you are passionate about it or not. I strongly believe in this idea. This free’s you further from the attachment to work.

The goal of life is this, explore, experience and live every moment with happiness. Life is a gift, the best gift one can get. Say, if you get fired from the job that you love so much, its not just the job that you are losing, but you are losing your happiness too. The mantra for limitless happiness is love what you do. If you are able to implement this perfectly, you will be happy unconditionally, because your happiness is not tied to any specific kind of work. You would have perfected the art of being happy.