How to tap our natural instincts to succeed

We human beings have a natural tendency of wanting more. Confused ? ok, let me explain.

How many of us, still use the same phones that we first bought ?

The answer will be None. The reason is, the human tendency i was talking about earlier. We always want more/better with what we get or what we have. So now having understood the power of this instinct, we should figure out how we can use it to succeed.

The only way to this, is to do what we really love, to do what we are really passionate about. A guy who is passionate about writing, never stops writing after one successful book or a passionate football player does not stop after one great match. They always grow and keep getting better at what they do. This is because of the natural human tendency, and it is very powerful. Nothing can stop it. People have died because of it, chasing their dreams.

So the only way, to make use of that power within ourselves, is to find what we truly love and what we want to do, for the rest of our lives. And the day we find our true passion, there would be no stopping us and we will become the pioneers of that field. No matter how much time it would take, we should keep looking for it, hoping that one day we will find what we really want to do.

If you don’t have an enemy inside, enemy outside can do no harm. – African quote

I have started looking for it and so should you. Never give up. We are born for it and we are meant to find it.