How a programmer feels

There is a very good quality, every amazing programmer has. It’s their love towards programming or the whole technology, surrounding computers.

Being a programmer myself, I have come across situations, where it was very frustrating to debug. It may take days, even weeks to find the issue. But we never give up. It’s like a battle between bug and the programmer. And you know what, we have this ego, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. Something like this, goes in our minds “Bug, you can’t hide from me for long. I am gonna get you soon”. Its the challenge, that makes it more fun and interesting. The degree of difficulty, is proportional to the degree of awesomeness, we feel solving it.

Finally finding the bug, is like finding a mythical creature. ‘Here you are, got you’. That particular moment of realisation, is incredible.

Ok 1 down, 5 to go….