My Projects

Projects I’ve worked on in open source world.

Own projects


Devlog is a cross-platform desktop application which helps you keep track of your notes and ideas in a simple yet intutive way.


Tars is an automated integration bot, which merges the pull request raised by greenkeeper-io bot. This is helpful to keep the project dependencies upto date. It merges the PR if and only if the tests pass.


Send your birthday wishes, to your friends on Facebook automatically, so you never have to miss wishing your best one’s. It makes use of selenium via webdriverio, to automate the process. Phantomjs is the hero here, which is a headless browser.


Look-up is a python command line app to know the meaning of a word (Dictionary).


Scrapy api leverages scrapy to create unofficial api’s for websites. It’s written in python.

Contributed projects


Youtube-dl is a video extractor and supports upto 250+ sites. Also supports downloading thumbnails, subtitles, audio etc.

Wrote an extractor for site, to download videos. Fixed a small bunch of bugs.


Scrapy is a web scraping library written in python.

Added zsh auto command completion.


Added code for detecting Semantic-ui to wappalyzer browser plugin for uncovering technologies used in websites.


Cargo is Rust’s package manager.Rust is a fast systems programming language that guarantees memory safety and offers painless concurrency.

Added code to make lib name optional in toml file. Added uninstall target in makefile.